Friday Night Dance Classes Archive



November 11 & 18 - Nightclub Two Step

Basic Movements (Rock, Slide, Run & Spot Turn), Around The World Variation, Turning Slides From One Arm To The Other, Open Break & Underarm Change Of Places, Criss Cross Slide Variation

December 2 & 9 - Viennese Waltz

Foot Changes, Left Turn, Hesitation Combination, Right Turn, Right Turn & Curtsey

December 16 & 23 - Foxtrot

Forward Basic, The Promenade, Running Step, Left Rock Turn, Quarter Turns, Backward Feather Step With Closed Ending

December 30 & January 6 - Mambo

Basic Movement, Underarm Spot Turn, Fallaway Rock & Scoop, Cucarachas, Basic Movement With Inside Loop Turn. Cross Body Lead, Crossovers & Solo Spot Turns (Also With Side Taps)


January 13 & 20 - Bossa Nova

Basic Step, Basic Step With Inside Spin, Crossover, Underarm Turn, Cross Body Lead, Turning Basic, Crossover With Quick Crossover, Lady's Then Man's Underararm Turns, Travelling Crossover

January 27 & February 3 - Waltz

Left Box Turn, Progressive Basic, Arthur Murry Turn, Cross Hesitation, Backward Twinkles, Promenade Hesitation & Corkscrew (With & Without Lady's Developpe)

February 10 & 17 - Foxtrot

Basic Step, Promenade Business Man's Bounce (Also With Spot Twinkles), Promenade & Zig Zag To Outside Basic Step. Swing Step, The Grapevine, Straight 4 Variation

March 10 & 17 - Samba

Basic Step, Side Cross, Underarm Turn, Promenade Walks, Progresso, Side Steps, Forward Bota Fogos, Cross Body Lead

March 24 & 31 - Nightclub Two Step

Rock Steps, Underarm Turn, Slide, She Goes Under-He Goes Under, Rhythm Steps, Around The World

April 7 & 14 - Swing

Closed Basic, The Walks With Lady's Power Swivels, The Charleston, Backward Walks, The Sugar Push, Underarm Turns To Man's Left & Right, Change Of Hands Behind Man's Back (also With Man's Spin), Right Hand Free Spin

April 21 & 28 - Bolero

Simple Basic Movement, Underarm Spot Turn, Hip Lift, Crossovers & Spot Turns, Separation & Underarm Turn, Hand To Hand, Basic Step With Inside Spin To Crossovers

May 5 & 12 - Bachata

Basic Movement & Inside Loop Turn With Man'sRight Hand, Rock & Progressive Variation With Lady's Gauncho & Kick With Wheel, Swivel Basic, Man's Change Of Hands Behind Back Variation, Sweetheart Cuddle & Yo-Yo Variation

May 19 & 26 - Tango

Grapevine Variation, Drunken Sailor (also Lazy Man's Drunken Sailor), Twist Turn , Bota Fogo Run, Promenade Pivot Turn With Lady's Underarm Spin, Basic Reverse Turn

June 2 & 9 - Country Two Step

Basic Step, The Wrap, The Wheel In Wrap, Inside Spin Exit From Wrap. Separation & Underarm Change Of Places, Backward Run To Hammerlock & Free Spin Ending.

June 16 & 23 - Merengue

Basic Movements (Inplace, To Side, Forward, Backwards, Turning In Place, Side Steps With Contrast, Stair Step, Merngue Breaks, Half Time Chasses, Separations With Arm Styling, Conga variations Forward & Back And Side To Side, Haitian Rocks, Naughty Go Naughty Side Steps

June 30 & July 7 - Cha Cha

Shoulder To Shoulder With Grapevine Run, Crossover With Flicks, Paseo With Checked Spin. The Chase, Crossovers With Crosshand Cross Body Lead & Man's Duck Under, Crossover With Flick & Swivels

July 14 & 21 - West Coast Swing

Push, Left Side Pass, Left Side Pass With Inside Spin, Basket Whip, Right Side Pass, Push With Lady's Kick, Right Side Pass With Switch Back, Tuck, Tuck With Extra Spin

July 28 & August 4 - Disco Hustle

Basic Pass, Lady's Loop Turn, Man's Underarm Turn, Cross Basic, Closed Basic With Left Turn & Underarm Release, Promenade Grapevine Run

August 11 & 18 - Waltz

Left Box Turn, Progressive Basic, Forward Twinkles & Closed Wing, Promenade Hesitation With Lady's Devellope', Right Box Turn, Criss-Cross Twinkles Variation

August 25 & September 1 - Argentine Tango

Walk To The Cross On Parellel & Crossed Feet With Different Timings, Forward Ocho, Backward Ocho & Grapevine To Forward Ocho

September 8 & 15 - Quickstep

Chasse To The Right, Progressive Chasse, Forward Lock Step, Natural Turn. Natural Turn, Natural Turn & Tipple Chasse, Chasse Reverse Turn, Forward Lock Step

September 22 & 29 - Rumba

Box Step, Side Step & Underarm Spot Turn, Basic Movement. Snap Underarm Turn, Crossovers With Hip Isolation & Underarm Turn

October 6 & 13 - Salsa

1Beat & 2 Beat Salsa/Mambo, Basic, Underarm Turn & Cross Body Lead (also Variation With Man's Right Hand Duck Under, Underarm Turn To Hammerlock With 2 Exits. Underarm Turn (Also 2 Underarm Turn) & Cross Body Lead Variations

October 20 & 27 - Bossa Nova

Basic Movement, Promenade Run, Cucaracha With Underarm Turn, Fallaway Rock With Spiral Ending. Bumpsy-Daisy Cross Body Lead, Crossover With Lady's & Man's Underarm Turn

November 3 & 10 - Triple Swing

Underarm Turns To Man's Left & Right With Continuous Chasse Variation, Peek-A-Boo Stop & Go, Closed Basic, Underarm Turn To Man's Left & Right, Link. Crosshand Underarm Turn To Man's Right With Man's Duck Under & Arm Slide, Extended Crosshand Curly Whip

November 17 & December 1 - Nightclub 2 Step

Rock Step, Underarm Turn, Slides , Open Break & Underarm Change Of Places, Around The World, Cross Arms Underarm Change Of Places With Man's Head Loops, Rock Step, Underarm Turn, Slides , Open Break & Underarm Change Of Places Variations, Sweetheart Wheel

December 8 & 15 - Viennese Waltz

Right Turn Combination, Hesitation Combination (Also With Lady's Runaround), Left Turn, Counterpromenade Run

December 22 & 29 - Foxtrot

Forward Basic, Swing Step, Simple Hover, Forward Continuity Twinkles. Backward Basic, Promenade & Promenade With Running Step


January 5 & 12 - Mambo

Basic Movement, Lady's & Man's Underarm Turns, Man's Tag, Lady's Progressive Swivels, The Scoop Or Scalloped Ending, Underarm Turn & Man's Tag With Cross Body Lead, Lady's Second Underarm Turn & Scallpoed Ending

January 19 & 26 - Bolero

Simple Basic Movement, Crossovers, Spot Turn, Shoulder To Shoulder, Underarm Turns, Reverse Pivot, Romantic Sways

February 2 & 9 - Cha Cha

Basic Movement, Underarm Turn, Three Cha Cha Chas Backwards, Underarm Turn (Also With Alternating Cross Hand Leads), Crossover To Cross Hand Cross Body Lead To Crosshand Crossover & Underarm Turn (Also With Lady's Quick Spin), Basic Movement Turning, Underarm Turn To Man's Duck Under With Cross Hand Hold & Right Side Pass

February 16 & 23 - Bachata

Lady's Inside Spin & Man's Change Of Hands Behind Back, Lady's Arm Raise & Hip Spin, Underarm To Hammerlock & Progressive Basic, The Yo-Yo Variation. Progressive Step Into Right Rock Turn, Neck Wrap Variation

March 2 & 9 - Samba

Progressive Basic Forward & Back, Side Basic, Forward & Backward Bota Fogos, Promenade Maxixe & Travelling Voltas. Basic Step & Side Basic With Underarm Turn, Basic & Separation With Underarm Turn Or Rio Spin

March 16 & 23 - Waltz

The Right Turn Combination, Back Twinkle After 6 Steps Of The Right Turn Combination, The Natural Hesitation Change, The Spin Twinkle, The Closed Wing

March 30 & April 6 - Country 2 Step

Closed Basic To Wrap (Cuddle), Inside Spin To Closed Basic, Inside Spin To Wrap From Wrap, Rollout Spin To Syncopated Side By Side To Wrap Variation, Solo Spins Variation. Separation, Change Of Sides, Run To Hammerlock, Man's Runnaround (Also With Lady's Duck Out)

April 13 & 20 - Merengue

Basic Side Steps & Underarm Turn, Promenade Run, Promenade Run With Flicks, Break Steps And Rock Turns, Separation With Arm Slide, Side Steps With Contrast, Stair Step, Double Time Chasse, Heel-Butt Step, The Wheel

April 27 & May 4 - Tango

Basic Step, Fallaway Promenade & Promenade Link or Fallaway Promenade With Twist & Fan, Rock Combination & Corte, Promenade Pivot Turn With Underarm Spin

May 11 & 18 - Disco Hustle

Basic Pass, Underarm Passes, Cross Hand Delayed Right Turn & Cross Release, Change Of Hands Behind Man's Back, Right Hand Free Turn to Man's Right, Neck Wrap Variation

May 25 & June 1 - West Coast Swing

Push, Left & Right Side Passes, Push Tuck, Left Side Pass With Lady's Inside Spin, Left Side Pass With Man's Hand Change Behind Back Spin, Criss Cross Coaster Steps

June 8 & 15 - Rumba

Basic Movement, Cross Body Lead, Crossovers, Underarm Turn With Man's Duck Under, Open Cuban Walk, Continuous Rhythm Crossover, Fallaway Rocks With Fans, Cuddle Cucarachas

June 22 & 29 - Foxtrot

Outside Basic Step With Zig Zag, Straight Four Variation. Left Box Turn & Back Twinkle, Basic Step & Back Feather Step

July 6 & 13 - Bossa Nova

Basic Movement, Crossover, Underarm Turn, Underarm Turn With Man's Duck Under Underarm Turn, Fallaway Rock & Scoop, Travelling Crossover Variation. Turning Basic, Turning Basic With Inside Spin, Cross Body Lead, Crossover With Double underarm Turn

July 20 & 27 - Viennese Waltz

The Left Turn, Foot Changes, Cross Body Lead & Lady's Inside Spin To Separation, Hesitations & Underarm Turn, The Right Turn, The Curtsey

August 3 & 10 - Nightclub Two Step

Basic Rock. Underarm Turn, Slide To Man's Left, Around The World, Right Turn, Right Turn With Travelling Pivots, Right Turn With Lady's Rollout Turn

August 17 & 24 - Quickstep

Quarter Turn To Right & Progressive Chasse, Quarter Turn To Right & Progressive Scoop Chasses, Quarter Turn To Right & Quarter Turn To Left & Change Of Direction.Natural Turn With Hesitation, Chasse Reverse Turn, Forward Lock Step

August 31 & September 7 - Mambo / Salsa

Basic Movement, Underarm Turn, Cross Body Lead, Fallaway Rock And Scoop, Cucarachas. Open Break & Forearm Spin, Underarm Hammerlock To Loop Check & Neck Wrap, Underarm Hammerlock & Man's Duck Under

September 14 & 21 - Swing

Closed Basic, Underarm Turns, Link, Tuck & Free Spin, Same With Right Arm Lead, Revolving Tuck & Underarm Spin, Revolving Hand Change Tuck Spins. Closed Basic, Throwaway, Link, Overturned Throwaway & Boogie Swivels, Closed Basic With Travelling Pivots, Faked Throwaway (She Goes-He Goes), The Lindy Jump

September 28 & October 5 - Argentine Tango

Walk To The Cross, Forward Ochos, Rhythm Changes, Crossed Foot Walk To The Cross, Backward Ocho To Grapevine & Forward Ocho Variations (Foot Block, Bridges, Foot Drag, Displacement)

October 12 & 19 - Cha Cha

Basic Movement With Lady's Chaine Spin To Crossover, Crossover With Slide, Crossover & Cross Body Lead, Underarm Turn To Fallaway Rock & Cross Body Lead Variations (Lady's NeckWrap, Man's Head Loop, Hocus-Pocus 1 & 2)

October 26 & - Waltz

Underarm Walkaround Turn & Counter Promenade Run & Spin, Rock Turn

November 2 - Dance Cancelled (Room Not Available)

November 9 & 16 - Triple Swing

The Walks, Throwout & Link, The Mooch, Throwout & Windmill Arm To Underarm Turn With Arm Slide. The Hurricane Variation, Rolling Off The Arm Variation, Alternating Neck Wraps & Tuck Spin

November 23 - Cancelled (Thanksgiving)

November 30 & December 7 - Tango

Whisk & Double Link To Closed Promenade Ending, Cross Vuelta Variation, Promenade With Hook & Swivel. Butterfly With Spining Changes of Sides & Open Fan Ending, Running Right Turn With Outside Spin & Spin Back Recovery

December 14 & 21 - Rumba

Box Step, Cucarachas With Underarm Turn, Opening Out Movements (Added Styling, Also With Switch Curl Or Slow Spiral). Turning Box Step, Reverse Top (Also With Opposition Break & Hip Twist Or Switch Curl)


December 28 & January 4 - Cancelled By Gov. Shutdown

January 11 & 18 - Cancelled By Gov. Shutdown

January 25 & February 1 - Bolero

Basic With Pivot Turn, Crossover & Spot Turns, Open Basic & Right Side Pass

February 8 & 15 - Waltz

Underarm Walkaround Turn, Counter Promenade Run & Spin, Reverse Impetus & Run To Promenade. Outside Change To Promenade, Open Impetus Turn

February 22 & March 1 - Cha Cha

Shoulder To Shoulder Variations, Crossover With Flick & Swivels. Fallaway Rock & Cross Body Lead To Chaine Spin & Crossover, Paseo

March 8 & 15 - Bachata

Basic With Inside Spin & Hand Change Behind Back, Lady's Neck Wrap & Hammer Lock To Man's Hammerlock Underarm, Inside Spin & Man's Left Hand Head Loop, Inside Spin With Separation To Man's Hand Change Separation To Cross Hand Hold To Lady's Hammerlock & Bicycle Kick Runs & Head Drape, Spanish Arms & Hip Spin, Overswing & Rock Turn

March 22 & 29 - Swing

Basic, 8 Count Basic, Underarm Turns, Link With Closed Rock & Underarm Turn, Forearm Spin, Revolving Tuck-In, Underarm Turn To Man's Right With Extra Spin, The Mooch, Back Walks

April 5 & 12 - Merengue

Basic Movements (Side, Inplace, Forward, Backward & Underarm Turn), Rock Turn, Conga Rhythm, Underarms To Wheels, Heel-Butt Step, Pretzel Variation, Separation & Mixixe, Promenade Run With Flicks, Stair Step

April 19 & 26 - Tango

Progressive Side Rocks, Fallaway & Fan, Twist Turn, Promenade Link, Fallaway Whisk & Double Link With Closed Promenade

May 3 & 10 - Disco Hustle

Basic Pass & Underarm Turns, The Triangle, Crosshand Delayed Right Turn & Cross Release. Cross Basic & Free Release Turn, Cross Basic And Rollout Spin

May 17 - No Class Or Party

May 24 - West Coast Swing

Left & Right Side Passes, Push, Sailor Shuffles, Double Rhythm Anchor Step, Knee Kick Anchor

May 31 & June 7 - Salsa

Basic Movement, Underarm Turn, Cross Body Lead, Fallaway Rocks, Two Underarm Spot Turns & Cross Body Lead, Revolving Cross Body Lead, Basic With Lady's Inside Spin, Crosshand Duck Unders With Delayed Right Spin

June 14 & 21 - Rumba

Box Step, Promenade & Counterpromenade Walks, Cucarachas With Underarm Turn, Side Step & Scoop

June 28 & July 5 - Bossa Nova

Basic Movement, Underarm Turn, Lady's & Man's Underarm Turns, Crossover, The Scoop, Travelling Crossover, Turning Basic, Forearm Catch Variation, Cross Body Lead, Crossover With Double Underarm Spot Turn

July 12 & 19 - Nightclub Two Step

Basic Rock Step & Underarm Turn To 2 Slides, Left Turn, Around The World, Left Turn Variations, Sliding Doors

July 26 & August 2 - Quickstep

Quarter Turn To Right, Progressive Chasse (Or Continuous Chasse), Chasse To The Right, Backward Lock Step, Tipple Chasse

August 9 & 16 - Foxtrot

Forward & Backward Basic Steps, Promenade, Forward Basic With Grapevine To Outside Basic, Left & Right Box Turns, Twinkle & Back Twinkle

August 23 & 30 - Viennese Waltz

Left & Right Turns, Foot Changes, Inside Spin To Separation & Minuet Variation, The Curtsey

September 6 & 13 - Argentine Tango

Walk To The Cross, Parellel & Crossed Feet, Timing Changes, Forward & Back Ochos

September 20 & 27 - Swing

Underarm Turns, Open Tuck Spin, Free Spin With Man's Right Hand Hold, Man's Solo Double Spin, Whip & Whip Variations (Continuous, Rollout & Inside Loop Turn), Curley Whip

October 4 & 11 - Waltz

Natural Hesitation Change (Also With Quick Reverse Pivot), Reverse Turn, Chasse Roll To Hesitation Change,Left Box Turn & Back Twinkle (Also With Corkscrew Ending), Left Whisk & Runaround Twist Turn

October 18 & 25 - Samba

Basic Movement, Cross Body Lead Or Cross Body Lead With Inside Spin, Left Box Turn Or Triple Chasses, Side Basic, Underarm Turn, Offset Kick Variation, Rio Spin, Ritmo (Closed Rocks), Side Steps

November 1 & 8 - Cha Cha

Crossover With Flick, Fallaway Rock & Cross Body Lead, Underararm With Lady's Beyonce Style & Man's Duck Under, Crossover Knee Lift & Lady's Spin, Turning Basic, Two Way Underarm Turn (Stop & Go), Underarm Turn To Grapevine & Shoulder To Shoulder Break

November 15 & 22 - Rumba

Box Step With Inside Turn To Crossovers, Continuous Rhythm Crossover & Underarm Turn, Crossover & Underarm Turn With Man's Duck Under To Open Cuban Walk, Reverse Top, Natural Top, Combination Top

December 6 & 13 - Country Two Step

Separation & Underarm Change Of Places To Hammerlock Variation, Promenade With Grapevine & Stop & Kick With Travelling Pivot Exit, The Basket (With & Without Lady's Duck Out), 2 Step Whip

December 20 & 27 - Foxtrot

Basic Step & Back Feather, Forward Twinkles & Spiral, Feather Step & Left Box Turn



January 3 & 10 - Salsa

Basic Movement, Underarm Turn & Man's Tag, Cross Body Lead, Underarm Cross Body Lead, Hammerlock Underarm With Man's Duck Under & Lady's Outside Spin, Underarm Turn & Cross Body Lead, Underarm Turn With Man's Right Hand & Head Loop With Cross Body Lead. Revolving Cross Body Lead, 2 Underarm Turns With Cross Body Lead, Cross Body Lead With Lady's Inside Spin, Cross Body Swivels

January 17 & 24 - Niteclub Two Step

Basic Rock, Underarm Turn, Slide, Left Turn (With & Without Lady's Spin), Right Turn (With & Without Lady's spin), Right Turn With Travelling Pivots, Lady's Free Spin From Man's Right To Left Hand Hold

January 31 & February 7 - Swing

Basic Step, Underarm Turns To Man's Left & Right, Charleston Variation, 8 Count Underarm Turn To Man's Right, The Whip Throwaway, The Link

February 14 & 21 - Waltz

Left Box Turn, Outside Change To Promenade (Also With Telespin), Underarm Walkaround Turn With Counter Promenade Stroll & Spin, Left Box Turn With Inside Spin, Backward Passing Change Variation

February 28 & March 6 - Cha Cha

Chase Variations (Full Chase Turns (Also with Underarm Turn & Man's Tag), Left Turning Chase Variation, 8 Step Walkaround, Rock & Roll Variation, Running Cha Cha Cha, With Tap, Locking Cha Cha Cha, The Attack, Continuous Rhythm Cuban Breaks)



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