Basic II Dance Classes Archive



Foxtrot (November & December 2016)

3 Step, Natural Twist Turn, Hover Feather, Open Twinkle & Big Top, Open Twinkle & Quick Open Reverse Turn, Slip Pivot & Telemark With Oversway, Change Of Direction, Hairpin Turns Variation, Open Ended Left Rock Turn & Top Spin, Feather & Left Side Feather & Feather Finish, Back Left Side Feather With Feather Finish, Open Twinkle & Open Natural Turn With Outside Spin & Roudolf Ronde With Slip Pivot, 3 Step To Promenade & Zig Zag To Change Of Direction, 3 Step To Promenade And Curved Feather Finish To Back Feather, Fallaway Reverse Turn - Slip Pivot - Telespin & Oversway, 3 Step To Promenade And Travelling Pivots To Open Impetus Turn

Polka (November & December 2016)

Counterpromenade Run & Underarm Turns, Right Turns With Continuous Chasses, Man's Tunnel Variation, Forward & Back With Foot Switches, Double Heel-Toe To Continuous Chasses, Separation With Stamps & Claps

Mambo (January & February 2017)

Underarm Turn To Hammerlock & Double Indside Spin, Cross Hand Underarm Turn & Man's Duck Under To Hammerlock To Lady's Outside Spin, Underarm Turn To Hammerlock To Quick Changes Of Places, Underarm Turn & Cross Body Lead Variations (Man's Duck Unders, Lady's Inside Spin, Man's Tap & Step, Bow Tie), Cross Body Lead With Checked Inside Spin, Wrap With Double Spin To Hammerlock, Natural & Reverse Grapevine Tops (also With Man's Leg Lift), Paseo With 2 Hand Cross Taps, Mambo Tuck Spin, End Of Series Combination

Tango (January & February 2017)

Open Left Turn With Man & Lady's Gaunchos Variation, Promenade Run To Fallaway & Backward Run Variation, Turning Rock & Corte With Roudolph Ronde & Twist Turn, Drunken Sailor To Butterfly Variation, Open Left Turn With Lady's Fans, Promenade Flicks & Hook The Man, Contra Rock & Closed Finish, Basic Left Turn (Slow & Fast), The Cobra, Open Left Box Turn In Shadow Position, Continuous Fan From Butterfly, Syncopated Tango Close, Whisk & Tap To Promenade, Twist Turn To Back Rocks, Turning Rock Steps Variation, Back Open Promenade & Twist Turn, Promenade Run With Kick & Fan, Progressive Rocks, Half Time Walks, Twist Turn-Back Rock & Closed Ending, Back Open Promenade & Twist Turn

Country Two Step (March & April 2017)

Basic Step, Cuddle Wrap, Roll Out & Roll In (With & Without Rhythm Change), Man's & Lady's Solo Spins, Cape Variation, Promenade With Travelling Pivots, Grapevine Run, Transition To Hammerlock, Revolving Spin From Hammerlock, Crossed Arms Variation

Rumba (March & April 2017)

Open Basic, Alemana, Opening Out With Spiral, Aida, Cuban Rocks, Fencing Line, Continuous Hip Twist, Basic Movement, Switch Curl, The Fan From The Curl, Opening Out To Switch Curl

Quickstep (May, June July, August 2017)

Natural Pivot Turn, Natural Turn With Hesitation, Chasse Reverse Turn, Forward Lock Step, Quarter Turns To Right And Left, Scoop Variation, Change Of Direction, Natural Turn-Back Lock & Running Finish (also With Continuous Back Lock), Chasse To The Right, Back Lock & Running Finish, Skip Lock, Running Contra Check, Progressive Chasse To Promenade With Fluffy Run & Hop To Scoop Chasses, Reverse Pivot To Zig Zag, Back Lock & Running Finish, Backward Scoops & Pendulum Points Combination, 6 Quick Twinkles, 3 Skips & a Lock Step, The Balloné, Natural Spin Turn-Progressive Chasse-Quick Open Reverse Turn, Chasse To Promenade-2 Hops To Tipple Chasse, V6, V6 To Center & Quick Open Reverse Turn, The Natural Turn, Promenade Kicks Variation

Nightclub Two Step (May, June July, August 2017)

Drag Basic, Rock Step Basic, Lady & Man's Underarm Turns With Man's Leg Lift, Hammerlock Underarm With Man's Duck Under & Lady's Outside Spin, Cross Hands Underarm Turn To Man's Hammerlock With Lady's Outside Spin, Right Turn With Slide Or Pivots, The Turnstyle, Lady's Underarm Pass With And Without Spin, Hocus-Pocus Head Loop Variation, Change Of Places With Man's Duck Under, Criss Cross Slides, Left Turn With Lady's Spin, Man & Lady's Underarm Runs (also With Spins), 3 Different Curly Whips, Wheel With Man Backing Up, Tuck & Chaine Spin, Cross Hand Change Of Places, The Left Turn Passing Lady From Arm To Arm, Slide To Left With Travelling Pivots To Separation & Open Break, Open Runaround, Slide To Left With Travelling Pivots To Rag Doll, Left Turn Combinations, Right Turn With Lady's Outside Spin, Free Spin To Whip, Underarm Turn With Man's Rollout Spin, Hocus Pocus Slingshot Combination, Left Turn Variations, Contra Turns Variation, Shoulder Roll Outside Spin, Crosshand Underarm With Man's Tunnel & Wheel, Open Telemark Variation, Behind The Man's Back Curley Whip, Man & Lady's Rununder, Around The World

Bachata (September & October 2017)

Basic, Chaine Turns, Rock Turn To Right & Left, Man's Looping Duck Under Variation, Change Of Hands Behind Man's Back Variation, Criss Cross Slides, Same Foot Basic Behind Lady Variation, Sweetheart Progressive Step With Yo-yo Ending, Basic Inplace, Right Side Progressive Step With Gaunchos & Wheel With Man's Duck Under, Man's Underarm Turns With Lady's Face Wraps, Points With Triple Step Endings, Cha Cha Variation, Progressive Steps With Gaunchos & Spin, Underarm To Hammerlock, Forward Rock Step, Lady's Stationary Swivels, Man's Triple Duckunder Variation

Disco Hustle (September & October 2017)

Basic Pass, Underarm Turn, Cross Hand Walk Through, Delayed Right Turn & Cross Release, Cross Basic & Parellel, Cross Hand Delayed Right Turn With Hip Twists & Lady's Right Spin, Cross Basic With Lady's Underarm Spin, The Umbrella Variation, Closed Basic With Indide Turn And Man's Hand Change Behind Back Spin, Left Hand To Left Hand Delayed Right Turn Combination, Neck Wrap Variation With Lady's Spin Ending, Hammerlock Variation With Lady's Spin Ending, Cross Hand Variation With Lady's Spin Ending, Grapevine Run, Man's Walkthrough Basic, Disco Sweetheart Step, Cross Basic With Lady's Left Spin Variations

Triple Swing (November & December 2017)

Checked Underarm Turn With Man's Duckunder, Counter Promenade Run With Lady's Spin & Man's Slide, Revolving Tuck Spin, In & Out Flicks With Kick Hold Variation, Continuous Tuck In Variation, Overturned Underarm Turn To Man's Right & Simple Spin, Rolling Off The Arm, Closed Basic With Travelling Rock Turn, Cross Hand Travelling Chasses & Spins, Toe-Heel Swivels, Throwout With Lady's Swivels, Turnstyle With Man's Leg Lift, The Mooch, Curly Whips With Man's Left & Right Hand Leads, Faked Throwout

Bolero (November & December 2017)

Basic Movement, Underarm Turn, Hand To Hand With Spiral & Aida Variation, Left & Right Side Passes (also With Wheel), Left Side Pass With Syncopated Spin To Crossover, Hip Twist & Fencing Line Variation, Basic Movement, Natural Top With Inside Spins, Backward Syncopated Run

Bolero (January & February 2018)

Basic Movement & Separation, Curl To Cross Arm Stop & Go With Hair Comb & Wheel Variation, Hip Lift, Checked Right Side Pass & Man's Duck Under, Oversway & Lunge Variation, Right Side Pass With Wheel, Checked Right Side Pass With Man's Flair, Natural Top With Inside Spins, Fallaway Rocks & Lady's Fans, Travelling Pivots & Rhonde Variation

West Coast Swing (January & February 2018)

4 Count Starter Step With Throwout Or Chaine Spin Exit, Left Side Pass Or Left Side Pass With Man's Handchange Spin To Right Side Pass, Push & Push With Slide, Faked Throwout, 6 Count Whip, Bumpout Variations, Push With Opposition Rocks, Left Side Variations (Pass, Push, or Inside Spin), Sailor Shuffles, Volta Chasses With Rhonde, Left Side Lady's Chaine Spin, Basket Whip Variations, Push To Man's Tap Step & Right Side Pass, Right Side Lady's Spin To Strut Walks, Push Tuck With Extra Spin, Right Side Switch Back, Rhythm Whip Variations, Toe Heel Swivels, Whip With Travelling Pivots

West Coast Swing (March & April 2018)

Anchor Step Synchopations, 4 Count Starter Step & Revolving Syncopated Tuck, Synchopated Tuck, Crosshand Chaine Spin With Man's Shoulder Roll, Run Away Push, Left Side Pass With Man's Spin To Closed Hold & Revolving Tuck, Knee Flex Whip Variation, Overturned Right Side Pass With Spin, Toe-Heel Swivels, Accelerated Throwout From Starter Step, Interupted Pass, Syncopated Pass, 10 Count Whip, Tuck To Hammerlock & Spin To Duck Out Basket Ending, Whip To Basket, Push Tuck & Basket Whip Variation

Cha Cha (March & April) (May & June 2018)

Flicks & Sailor Shuffles Variation, Knee Lift Variation, Cross Hand Same Foot Crossovers Variation, Double Time Crossovers, Spin To Syncopated Crossovers, Heel-Toe Variation, Chicken Walks Variation, Left Turning Chase, The Swing Step Variation, Opposition Chase, Continuous
Rhythm Cuban Breaks Side By Side, Cha Cha Basket, 3 Cha Cha Chas With Alternating Crosshand Leads, Bumpsy Daisy, Triple Underarm Spot Turn.

3 Cha Cha Cha Rhythm Variation, Cross Body Lead Variations, Cross Hand Crossover With Man's Duck Under & Conversa, Crosshand Changes Of Places With Man's Head Loops, Cross Body Lead With Lady's Spiral And Turn, Natural Top, Hand To Hand With Spiral & Aida With Suprise Cucaracha, Angel Break Wheel Step, Turkish Towel & Conversa, Behind The Man's Back Curly Whip

Salsa (May & June 2018)

Basic Movement, Underarm Turn & Cross Body Lead Variations, Checked Inside Spin & Spot Turn, Natural Grapevine Top With Man's Leg Lift, Turn Style With Man's Kick OutCross Hand Underarm Turn With Curl & Inside Spin & Revolving Cross Body Lead With Man's Head Loop, Natural Top With Rollout Swivels, Underarm Turn To Hammerlock & Man's Duck Under, The Turnstyle With Man's Kickout Variation, Mambo Tuck Spin, Left Whisk & She Turns-He Turns Variation

Disco Hustle (3 Count) (July & August 2018)

Basic Pass, Underarm Pass, Change Of Hands Behind Man's Back, Cross Basic & Parrellel In Front & Behind Man, Right Hand Release Turn, Walk through Pass & 4 Count Delayed Right Spin, Man's Half Time Chasse Turns, Closed Basic (Also With Lady's Kick), One Hand Closed Basic Variation With Man's Contra Lunge, Closed Basic & Left Turn With Man's Kicks, Delayed Right Turn & Cross Release, Cross Basic, Left Underarm Spin, Closed Basic With Underarm Release Or Grapevine Turn Or Lady's Syncopation, Closed Basic With Inside Turn (Also With Man's Hand Change Spin), Parallels, Delayed Right Turn Variations With Lady's Spin

Rumba (July, August, September & October 2018)

Basic Movement, Syncopated Hip Isolations With Curl, Aida, Cuban Rocks, Solo Spot Turn, Continuous Rhythm Crossovers & Underarm Turn, Basic Movement & Reverse Top, Basic Movement & Open Break To Natural Top & Opening Out Movements With Switch Curl To Reverse Top, Open Basic & Alemana With Opening Out & Closed Hip Twist Or Spiral, Opening Out With Switch Curl, Promenade & Counter Promenade With Travelling Pivots & Lady's Rhonde, Natural Top & Rope Spinning

Box Step With Check & Lady's Inside Loop Turn, Crossover With Underarm Turn Using Man's Right Hand & Man's Duck Under, Turkish Towel Duck Under Variation To Sit Line & Free Spin, Continuous Rhythm Crossovers & Underarm Turn, Cross Hand Alemana & Advanced Hip Twist Variation, Behind The Man's Back Curly Whip & Promenade & Counter Promenade With Travelling Pivots & Lady's Rhonde, Advanced Crossover Combination, Crossover With Man's Duck Under To Open Cuban Walks With Lady's Spin, Sliding Doors With Lady's Underarm Turn, Cuddle Cucarachas (Also With Lady's Ronde & Fencing Line), Cross Arms Underarm Turns With Man's Head Loops, Crossovers With Right Arm Wrap, Fallaway Rocks With Fans, Crab Walks, Open Hip Twist

Viennese Waltz (September & October 2018)

Foot Changes (Change Steps), Left & Right Turns, Left Turn & Overspin Variation, Hesitations, Left & Right Fleckerls, Inside Spin & Separation To Open Runaround, The Curtsey, Left Turn With Man's Ronde, Progressive Rocks & Runaround, Backward Foot Changes, Travelling Pivots, Travelling Counterpromenade Variation, Inside Spin & Separation To Hesitation Combination

Country Two Step (November & December 2018)

Basic & Spin To Crosshand Promenade, Spin To Cape, Double Spin To Cape, Free Spin To Exit, Two Step Whip, Texas Tommy, Hammerlock With Overturned Spin To Wrap, Basket With Hammerlock Spins, Cross Arm Spin Combination, Promenade With Check Variation, Cross Arms To Hammerlock & Left Hand Lead Variations To Telespins, Spin From Hammerlock To Wrap With Man's Runaround, Free Spins From Wrap, Separation & Change Of Sides With Backward Run To Crossed Hand Hold & Ladys Spin To Hammerlock & Revolving Spins To Wrap

Foxtrot (November, December, January & February 2019)

Open Left Rock Turn, Top Spin, Grapevine, Feather Step, Open Left Box Turn, Open Twinkle, 3 Step, Backward Feather Step & Reverse Wave, Natural Hover Telemark & Hover Feather

Waltz (March & April 2019)

Chasse To The Right, Outside Change To Promenade & Closed Ending, Natural Spin Turn, Open Telemark, Cross Hesitation, Outside Spin, Side Hesitation, Fallaway Whisk & Open Right Turn, Telespin, Double Back Lock

Merengue (March & April 2019)

Basic Movements, Rhythm Changes, Swivels & Pachanga Actions, Naughty Go Naughty, Double Time Chasse, Crossover Variation, Haitian Rocks In Closed & Offset Positions

Argentine Tango (May & June 2019)

Walk To The Cross On Parellel Feet & Walks, Resolusion With Foot Change To Crossed Feet & Walk To The Cross, Revolving Sacadas On Parellel Feet & Walk The Cross, Open Left Turn Variations, Carosel Variations, Crossed Feet Variations, Variious Man's Variations, Cross Walks With Forced Cross, StepTogether Varisations, Forward Ocho, Backward Ochos, Gaunchos & Checked Ochos, Cross Walks Variations

Cha Cha (July Through October 2019)

Syncopated Spin And Crossovers, Cha Cha Hops, Quick Crossovers Variation, Outside Basic & Hip Twist, Turkish Towel, The Conversa, Cha Cha Chicken Walks, Behind The Back Curley Whip, Crosshand Crossovers With Man's Cuban Breaks, Cross Arm Change Of Places With Man's Head Loops, Opposition Chase, Paseo With Checked Spin, 4 Crossover & Swivels Variations, Crosshand Cross Body Lead To Crossover With Man's Duck Under & Free Inside Spin, Crossovers And Right Arm Wrap With Chaine Spin Ending, Natural Top (Also From Long Separation), Crossover With Kick & Swivels, 3 Cha Cha Cha Variation With Ronde', Knee Lift Variation, Guapacha Rhythm, Sweetheart Step With Hammerlock Arms, Man's Reach Around Lady's Back Wheel, The Turnstyle, Solo Spot Turns With Man's Kickout & Lady's Extra Spin, Crossover With Knee Lift & Lady's Free Spin, Man's Solo Spot Turn With Kickout & In, Lady's Solo Spot Turn With Extra Spin, Crosshand Right Side Pass With Outside Spin To Continuous Rhythm Cuban Breaks, Same Foot Turkish Towel Variation, Forearm Catch, Crossed Arm Stop & Go, Chase Turn On Back Rock, Two Underarm Spot Turns, Swing Step Variations, Continuous Rhythm Crossover, Chip's Folly, Disco Sweetheart Step With Back Door Exit

Triple Swing (July Through October 2019)

Checked Underarm With Man's Duckunder, Counter Promenade Run & Spin With Man's Slide, Revolving Underarm Turn With Hand Changes, Flea Hops, Crosshand Underarm Turn With Man's Rollout Underarm, Chicken Walks, Continuous Chasse, Underarm Turn To Crosshands Chasses & Spins, Toe-Heel Swivels, Whip Variations, Travelling Pivots, Man's Wrap & Lady's Quick Spin From Behind Man's Back, Points & Kicks Variation, Revolving Tuck With Quick Extra Spin, Revolving Basic (6 & 8 Count Also With Lady's Rollout Spin Or Quick Spin), Curley Whip Variations, Backside Bump (Cheek To Cheek), Forearm Catch, Crossed Arm Stop & Go, Extended Curley Whip, Double Rhythm Windmill

Mambo (November 2019)

Revolving Cross Body Lead, Riff Turns, Natural Grapevine Top, Half Time Chase, Natural Top & Rollout To Swivels, Natural Grapevine Top To Reverse Grapevine Top

Nightclub Two Step (November 2019)

Right Turn With Travelling Pivots & Separation, Left Turn With Arms Up Spin, Around The World, Left Turn To Right Turn, Double Underarm Change Of Places To Criss-Cross Slides, Underarm Turn & Man's Duck Through To Wheel, Open Telemark Variation

Samba (December 2019)

Left Cross Turn, Back Rocks, Promenade Bota Fogo & Maxixe With Travelling Voltas, Closed Rock And Twist Turn, Promenade Walk & Grapevine

Bachata (December 2019)

Run Around To Man's Right & Left, Overswing & Pivots To Right & Left, Underarm Turn To Double Cross & Man's Duck Under, 2 Count Side To Side Steps, Lady's Swivels, Crosshand To Hammerlock Sweetheart Steps, Lady's Crosshand Spins With Man's Duck Under, Rock & Overswing With Turning Rocks

Nightclub Two Step (January 2020)

Left Turn (With & Without Lady's Spin), Right Turn (With & Without Lady's Spin), Right Turn With Travelling Pivots, Man's & Lady's Underarm Pass Through (With & Without Spins), Open Telemark

Bossa Nova (February 2020)

Basic, Turning Basic, Natural Top (Also With Man's Duck Under), Turkish Towel, Crossover & Quick Crossover, Underarm Spot Turns, Crossover With Quick Grapevine & Spin, Inside Loop Turn To Man's Right, Feather Step Variation, Crossover & Quck Crossover, Travelling Crossover, Cross Body Lead, Crossover And Slide, Double Underarm Spot Turn, Hip Grab Variation (Shadow Wheel)

Tango (March 2020)

Promenade Run & Lady's Kick To Fan, Quick Forward Twinkles, Cross Vuelta, Back Open Promenade With Twist Turn Ending To Closed Promenade, Various Endings To Promenade (Syncopated Chasse, Whisk & Quick Link, 4 Step, 5 Step), 6 Count Preomenade Pivot Turn, Fallaway Promenade, 3 Inside Fans Combination, The Running Step, Contra Rock, Whirlwind, Continuous Twist Turn, Butterfly With 3 Fan Ending, Fallaway & Fan (Also With Three Fans), The Chase & Syncopated Chasse, Drunkin' Sailor Variations

Quickstep (March 2020)

Quarter Turn To Right, Progressive Chasse, Forward Lock Step, Natural Turn & Tipple Chasse



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