Wednesday Night Beginner Notes



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Cha Cha (Last Series)

Side Basic Movement, Crossovers, Underarm Turn, Fallaway Rocks, Progressive Basic (Chase). Full Chase Turn, Underarm Chase Turn With Man's Tag, Shoulder To Shoulder (Offset Breaks), Left & Right Side Pass Variations (Cross Body Leads), She Goes/He Goes Spot Turns & Chase Turns, Man's Tag & Right Side Pass, Half Chase Turn, Double Chase Turn, Swing Step (Pat-A-Cake), Time Steps, Hand To Hand, 3 Cha Cha Chas, Fallaway Rock & Cross Body Lead, Crossover & Crosshand Cross Body Lead, Hand To Hand & Spiral, Underarm Turn With Man's Duck Under, Double Crossovers, The Butterfly Breaks, Crossover & Slide



Left Box Turn, Forward Hesitation, Progressive Basic, Side Hesitations, Travelling Underarm Spin, Right Box Turn, Turn Combination, The Twinkle, Spot Twinkle, Left Turn & Back Twinkle, Right Turn Combination



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