Wednesday Night Beginner Notes



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Foxtrot (Last Series)

Forward & Backward Basic Steps, Left Rock Turn, Promenade, Quarter Turns (Junior Walks & Senior Walks), Left Box Turn, The Twinkle, Running Step, Right Rock Turn, Swing Step, Forward Twinkles, Promenade With Underarm Spin, Left Rock & Cross Body Lead, Running Steps, Extra Side Steps, Open Twinkle?, Left Box Turn & Back Twinkle, Triple Twinkle


Cha Cha

Side Basic Movement, Crossovers, Underarm Turn, Fallaway Rocks, Progressive Basic (Chase). Full Chase Turn, Underarm Chase Turn With Man's Tag, Shoulder To Shoulder (Offset Breaks), Left & Right Side Pass Variations (Cross Body Leads), She Goes/He Goes Spot Turns & Chase Turns, Man's Tag & Right Side Pass, Half Chase Turn, Double Chase Turn, Swing Step (Pat-A-Cake), Time Steps, Hand To Hand, 3 Cha Cha Chas




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