Wednesday Night Dance Class Notes



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Waltz (Last Series)

Chasse To The Right, Outside Change To Promenade & Closed Ending, Natural Spin Turn, Open Telemark, Cross Hesitation, Outside Spin, Side Hesitation, Fallaway Whisk & Open Right Turn, Telespin, Double Back Lock



Argentine Tango (Continued)

Walk To The Cross On Parellel Feet & Walks, Resolusion With Foot Change To Crossed Feet & Walk To The Cross, Revolving Sacadas On Parellel Feet & Walk The Cross, Open Left Turn Variations, Carosel Variations, Crossed Feet Variations, Variious Man's Variations, Cross Walks With Forced Cross, Step Together Varisations, Forward Ocho, Backward Ochos, Gaunchos & Checked Ochos


Basic Movements, Rhythm Changes, Swivels & Pachanga Actions, Naughty Go Naughty, Double Time Chasse, Crossover Variation, Haitian Rocks In Closed & Offset Positions



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