Wednesday Night Dance Class Notes


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Samba (Last Series)

Left Cross Turn, Back Rocks, Promenade Bota Fogo & Maxixe With Travelling Voltas, Closed Rock And Twist Turn, Promenade Walk & Grapevine

Bachata (Last Series)

Run Around To Man's Right & Left, Overswing & Pivots To Right & Left, Underarm Turn To Double Cross & Man's Duck Under, 2 Count Side To Side Steps, Lady's Swivels, Crosshand To Hammerlock Sweetheart Steps, Lady's Crosshand Spins With Man's Duck Under, Rock & Overswing With Turning Rocks


Nightclub Two Step (Last Month)

Left Turn (With & Without Lady's Spin), Right Turn (With & Without Lady's Spin), Right Turn With Travelling Pivots, Man's & Lady's Underarm Pass Through (With & Without Spins), Open Telemark


Promenade Run & Lady's Kick To Fan, Quick Forward Twinkles, Cross Vuelta, Back Open Promenade With Twist Turn Ending To Closed Promenade, Various Endings To Promenade (Syncopated Chasse, Whisk & Quick Link, 4 Step, 5 Step), 6 Count Preomenade Pivot Turn, Fallaway Promenade, 3 Inside Fans Combination, The Running Step, Contra Rock, Whirlwind, Continuous Twist Turn, Butterfly With 3 Fan Ending

Bossa Nova

Basic, Turning Basic, Natural Top (Also With Man's Duck Under), Turkish Towel, Crossover & Quick Crossover, Underarm Spot Turns, Crossover With Quick Grapevine & Spin, Inside Loop Turn To Man's Right, Feather Step Variation, Crossover & Quck Crossover, Travelling Crossover, Cross Body Lead


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