Wednesday Night Dance Class Notes


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Cha Cha (Last Series)

Syncopated Spin And Crossovers, Cha Cha Hops, Quick Crossovers Variation, Outside Basic & Hip Twist, Turkish Towel, The Conversa, Cha Cha Chicken Walks, Behind The Back Curley Whip, Crosshand Crossovers With Man's Cuban Breaks, Cross Arm Change Of Places With Man's Head Loops, Opposition Chase, Paseo With Checked Spin, 4 Crossover & Swivels Variations, Crosshand Cross Body Lead To Crossover With Man's Duck Under & Free Inside Spin, Crossovers And Right Arm Wrap With Chaine Spin Ending, Natural Top (Also From Long Separation), Crossover With Kick & Swivels, 3 Cha Cha Cha Variation With Ronde', Knee Lift Variation, Guapacha Rhythm, Sweetheart Step With Hammerlock Arms, Man's Reach Around Lady's Back Wheel, The Turnstyle, Solo Spot Turns With Man's Kickout & Lady's Extra Spin, Crossover With Knee Lift & Lady's Free Spin, Man's Solo Spot Turn With Kickout & In, Lady's Solo Spot Turn With Extra Spin, Crosshand Right Side Pass With Outside Spin To Continuous Rhythm Cuban Breaks, Same Foot Turkish Towel Variation, Forearm Catch, Crossed Arm Stop & Go, Chase Turn On Back Rock, Two Underarm Spot Turns, Swing Step Variations, Continuous Rhythm Crossover, Chip's Folly, Disco Sweetheart Step With Back Door Exit

Triple Swing (Last Series)

Checked Underarm With Man's Duckunder, Counter Promenade Run & Spin With Man's Slide, Revolving Underarm Turn With Hand Changes, Flea Hops, Crosshand Underarm Turn With Man's Rollout Underarm, Chicken Walks, Continuous Chasse, Underarm Turn To Crosshands Chasses & Spins, Toe-Heel Swivels, Whip Variations, Travelling Pivots, Man's Wrap & Lady's Quick Spin From Behind Man's Back, Points & Kicks Variation, Revolving Tuck With Quick Extra Spin, Revolving Basic (6 & 8 Count Also With Lady's Rollout Spin Or Quick Spin), Curley Whip Variations, Backside Bump (Cheek To Cheek), Forearm Catch, Crossed Arm Stop & Go, Extended Curley Whip, Double Rhythm Windmill



Revolving Cross Body Lead, Riff Turns, Natural Grapevine Top, Half Time Chase, Natural Top & Rollout To Swivels

Nightclub Two Step

Right Turn With Travelling Pivots & Separation, Left Turn With Arms Up Spin, Around The World, Left Turn To Right Turn, Double Underarm Change Of Places To Criss-Cross Slides, Underarm Turn & Man's Duck Through To Wheel



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