Wednesday Night Dance Class Notes



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Argentine Tango (Last Series)

Walk To The Cross On Parellel Feet & Walks, Resolusion With Foot Change To Crossed Feet & Walk To The Cross, Revolving Sacadas On Parellel Feet & Walk The Cross, Open Left Turn Variations, Carosel Variations, Crossed Feet Variations, Variious Man's Variations, Cross Walks With Forced Cross, StepTogether Varisations, Forward Ocho, Backward Ochos, Gaunchos & Checked Ochos, Cross Walks Variations


Cha Cha

Syncopated Spin And Crossovers, Cha Cha Hops, Quick Crossovers Variation, Outside Basic & Hip Twist, Turkish Towel, The Conversa, Cha Cha Chicken Walks, Behind The Back Curley Whip, Crosshand Crossovers With Man's Cuban Breaks, Cross Arm Change Of Places With Man's Head Loops, Opposition Chase

Triple Swing

Checked Underarm With Man's Duckunder, Counter Promenade Run & Spin With Man's Slide, Revolving Underarm Turn With Hand Changes, Flea Hops, Crosshand Underarm Turn With Man's Rollout Underarm


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